Meet Kirby, a kitty owned by Carly Barr and her family of Enfield. This handsome photo was taken by our vet tech/photographer. Kirby was adopted when he was a kitten from the Connecticut Humane Society in Newington. Surprisingly, Kirby elected to tell his own story, and here it is!

Hi my name is Kirby and I am a lovable 8-year-old buff cat who happens to have no teeth! After years of having stinky tuna breath my mommy and daddy brought me in to get them looked at and it turns out I had something called stomatitis. It made it super hard for me to eat and I wasn’t as playful as mommy remembers. After much fretting we went to visit a nice Veterinary Dental specialist who took a bunch of x-rays and saw that my teeth were all icky: they had to go!

I was super scared but even right after I had my teeth removed I was such a different cat. I was back to rubbing on mommy and daddy’s legs, eating all the food (trying to steal the food from the baby), and snuggling on mommy’s head when she slept. I purred a lot more and even played with my other kitty and doggy siblings more. Even though I didn’t have teeth I could actually have more fun. Mom was worried I wouldn’t be able to eat as much as before but turns out I eat even more without the pain of my teeth stopping me.

I enjoy long walks on my leash around the property and cuddling with mommy. I was adopted when I was a kitten and now I can say I am a happy 8-year-old cat! My kitty sister Zelda needs the same thing so I have been meowing at her to prep her for it. I tell her that there will be better times ahead!”

Serious stomatitis is an immune disorder in cats that is surprisingly common. Yet the ultimate cure, extraction of the teeth which are triggering this reaction, seems so drastic that most cat owners are afraid to consider it. Yet invariably, when we recheck these patients a few weeks after oral surgery, the owners are stunned at how much better their cat feels and acts. Each time they only wished they’d done it sooner! That’s certainly how Carly feels about Kirby. “He was my first real animal that I had purchased on my own and I am planning on him living forever. Our house is jammed full of animals and love but Kirby will always have a special place in my heart.

For being living proof that, for cats with stomatitis, life can be far better without those darned teeth, we’re happy to name Kirby our May 2019 Suffield Veterinary Hospital Patient of the Month.

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