Meet Axel, a 10-year old, deaf, domestic short hair/Siamese cross. Axel spent his first 7 years of life in a one bedroom apartment with a single gentleman. After being evicted from his apartment, Axel’s owner just opened the door and let him run out into the world on his own. Luckily, he was spotted and picked up by a local rescue group. He was then fostered out to an amazing foster home, who reached out to our own veterinary technician, Amber Mips. Since Amber already had two other white, deaf cats, there was no question that her home would be a perfect fit.

By the age of 9, Axel was diagnosed with Early Kidney Failure and was immediately put on a kidney-specific diet. Since then, he has been stronger and better than ever. In August of this year, he braved through his first ever dental cleaning, that included full mouth x-rays, a few extractions, and a full dental scale and polish.

Axel is different from a lot of cats due to his lack of hearing. People often mistake deaf animals for being scared and shy; this is not the case with Axel. He has a very large personality that warms the hearts of many. He walks right up to strangers and lets out a meow to let them know he wants to be petted. Around meal times, he has no problem “yelling” at the top of his lungs to announce that it is, indeed, that time again. Deaf cats are very in-tune to body language since they cannot hear noises. Reinforcing good behavior has gone from “good cat!” to lots of love and snacks, and correcting bad behavior is a hard footstep so that they feel the vibrations. For helping to teach that cats with disabilities are just as loving, well-behaved and full of personality, we are proud to announce Axel as our November 2018 Suffield Veterinary Hospital Patient of the Month.