A few months ago our Veterinary Technician Coordinator, Jen W, fielded a call from an elderly woman who needed help finding a rescue group to take her parrot, as she was no longer able to care for the bird. The result of that conversation was that Jen would take the bird and foster her, work on her socialization and behavior, with a goal of eventually finding Princess the perfect lifetime home.

Princess Diana (shortened to Princess) is a ~20 year old Blue and Gold Macaw. These parrots can live up to 70 years in captivity. Parrots are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures who experience a wide range of emotions. Princess had a thorough physical examination by our Dr. Anita Sabellico and was found to be in excellent health despite her somewhat funny looking naked body. In this photograph taken by our Vet Tech Jen H, you can see a hint of her pink little body below her beautiful head. Feather plucking is a condition that can occur when a bird is stressed, bored, or malnourished. “Once a parrot has begun to pluck her feathers, it’s like biting one’s fingernails — it’s not an easy habit to break.” Jen has done a magnificent job working with Princess to improve her diet, enrich her environment, and keep her as happy and stress free as possible. She has come leaps and bounds and is thriving! Though not a great talker, Princess is always eager to greet you with a “Hello.” Her favorite pastime is jamming out, doing her “dancy-dance” to the radio. Soon she will be available for adoption through the Connecticut Parrot Rescue.

We hope that Princess, helped by the diligent screening of the good folks at Connecticut Parrot Rescue, finds the perfect home for the rest of her life. Until then she has a home with Jen, and we are proud to name her the Suffield Veterinary Hospital July 2019 Patient of the Month.

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