Though Suffield Veterinary Hospital has been in existence for decades, our facility underwent major renovations and an addition back in 2002.
If you arrive at Suffield Veterinary Hospital with a beloved pooch, feel free to allow them a minute or two to "de-stress" from the car ride by walking them on the lawn next to our client parking lot.
After entering the hospital, please check in at the front desk. If you're bringing a new pet to see us, please bring copies of your pet's records so we can scan them into our Electronic Medical Record system.
After checking in, take a load off and relax in our waiting room before we're all set to take care of your pet.
If it's a nice day out, or if your pet seems stressed waiting with other pets, feel free to take a seat on one of the benches located at the front of the hospital.
Our hospital has four exam rooms, all designed to keep you and your pet comfortable.
We have some of the most state-of-the-art laboratory equipment allowing us to run many different types of tests.  This ensures that we are quickly able to diagnose the health of our patients.
Our digital X-Ray system allows us to see what's going on beneath the surface in ways that X-Ray equipment of the past never did.
Our large treatment area allows us the necessary room to treat multiple patients, as well as to prepare them for surgery.
We have two surgery rooms, each equipped with digital monitoring equipment, heated surgery tables, human grade anesthesia machines, and human-grade surgery lighting.
We also have a digital ultrasound machine.
Dogs spending the day with us are walked in a separate fenced in area.  This makes it so we don't have to worry about them crossing paths with pets being walked near the client parking lot. The dogs even get to choose which Oak tree they "prefer"!
Though we hope that all of our patients are healthy when they come visit us, we know that many are not. Patients that might be exhibiting signs of something potentially contagious are housed and examined in our isolation room. This room has a separate entrance/exit and HVAC system so we don't have to worry about airborne pathogens making their way to other parts in the hospital. The separate thermostat allows us to keep sick patients at a warmer temperature if needed to ensure their comfort!
Though Suffield Veterinary Hospital has been in existence for decades, our facility underwent major renovations and an addition back in 2002.

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